5 Restaurant Table Setting Ideas That Will Impress Your Customers

Every restaurant owner wants to delight customers with some interesting and intriguing details to set an appropriate mood. But some would say that nothing is more important in the dining area than the delicious smells of the meal and its taste. On the other hand, there is always somebody who pays as much attention to the restaurant furniture and lovely interior.

That’s why here we find top 5 table setting ideas to impress your interior gourmets. They will certainly spend days wondering how smart and stunning their table look. Be sure, it won’t be an easy task follow this advice but the result is really worth trying.

1. May Your Table Setting Shine Brightly

Sparkling tableware always adds a magnificent fascinating look to the dining table. While on the other hand, the smallest crack on a cup of tea may spoil the whole impression from the dinner. So, be attentive to every detail.

Moreover, when talking about tableware that can impress and stay for a long time in your guests’ memory, one should know about a modern trend known as mismatched themes. It became popular as an almost new way of serving meals. How does it work? Be sure, nothing is more interesting for our modern society than old, well-forgotten tradition.

That’s why try to visit a vintage china store and find something unique and special for your guests to make them feel like a queens’ quests at a tea party.

2. Go Away From Boring White Linens

Today, more and more people choose a restaurant not only because of delicious food or well known skillful chef. First of all, they are looking for a new experience. So, do not disappoint your visitors and show them the variety of patterns and textures of your linens. Use an interesting decorative print or completely abandon it.

Instead of linens, you can use placemats. Its variety of shapes and materials won’t leave anyone indifferent. Use your imagination and stick to the concept of your restaurant and its’ ambiance.

3. Use Creative Centerpieces

Cut flowers are classic for a restaurant centerpieces. They are popular among restaurateurs because of big variety of colors and sizes. So everyone could find something to his taste. But on the other hand, flowers could have an overpowering smell that can interfere with the taste of food.

If fresh flowers and herbs are not for your place, then candles dim lightning could be great for your place. An appropriate mood inside is guaranteed.

One more idea that will impress your guests is a small basket of fruit or vegetables. Such a centerpiece will make you relaxed and calm. Or simply make a floral arrangement with small fruits. It must look impressive.

4. Cutlery Holders Should Be A Part Of Your Restaurant Design

Perfect for your restaurant design cutlery wrap should easily fit a knife, fork and dessert spoon in. The right size plays an important role while serving a dining table. Even the most beautiful designer cutlery holder will look bad if you have the wrong size.

A natural material with a small decorative detail on it is always the right decision. Be sure, minimal design and interesting material will make it look luxurious.

5. Seasonal Menu Cards

Depending on the type of season you may rearrange your menu. First of all, it enriches the gastronomic variety of your restaurant and gives you an opportunity to be interesting and unpredictable for customers every time they visit your place

Autumn in your restaurant could add color to your guests’ mood with pumpkin menu. Only imagine such an interesting experience for your guests. Be sure, they will appreciate this.

Moreover, the fact that the time for seasonal dishes is limited creates a feeling that one should taste it in a short time. Keep in mind, it attracts more customers.